The Human Body Field

NES Health is revolutionising research into what actually controls the physical human body, the Human Body-Field (HBF). Leading-edge research in holistic medicine, biophysics, bioenergetics, and frontier biology is telling us that we are more than just our physical body.

This research suggests that the Human Body-Field (HBF) is responsible for regulating and integrating the physical, chemical, mental, emotional, energetic and memory aspects of the physical body.

We each have a Human Body-Field that is a structured web of information and energy that underlies and informs our physical body and influences the state of our health and wellbeing.

The concept of the human body-field can be visualised by imagining the human body as an organic computer!

The body’s cells, tissues and organs, which have been well studied over the last 100 years, are like the ‘hardware‘ of a computer.

What has been ignored is the body’s information system, or its ‘operating system‘ (the software), and the ‘energy‘ (like electricity) needed to operate the hardware, the human body.

Just like computer software is prone to ‘bugs’ and ‘glitches’, which affect the hardware, so is the body’s information system effected by stress, trauma and illness, creating ‘distortions‘ and ‘errors‘ in the body-field resulting in impaired biological functioning.

NES Therapy works to correct the control system of your body by rebalancing, supporting, optimising, and enhancing its information transfer and energy systems. Correct the control system of the body, rebalance, support, optimise and enhance its energy systems and health improves – dramatically!

The Human Being exists within a hierarchial structure with the HBF at the apex

Watch Peter Fraser discuss the Human Body-Field
and  NES Therapy in more detail.

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