Client Testimonials

Deidre, 56-year old Female

“I went to see Tony because I had no interest in anything and I felt constantly tired. My brain felt foggy and I felt as if I was losing my memory and my intelligence. On top of this I had also begun to experience some menopause symptoms.

After my first meeting and scan I felt happier and calmer almost immediately. Tony took the time to explain what was happening and the results of the scan. He explained some simple changes that I could make to my diet such as cutting out milk eating more avocados and kiwi fruit. He also recommended some herbal supplements that I could take and how these would help. The infoceuticals that he gave me both that first time and on my subsequent visits have had a profound affect on how I now feel. I have more motivation and interest in life. I have regained the energy to exercise and I feel calmer and able to deal with the stress and pressure of my professional life.

I would recommend Tony for both his professional but caring attitude and his knowledge.
Thank you Tony”

Krista, 30-year old Female

“During the past 12 years I have suffered from multiple health problems, including being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 6 years ago. I tried numerous types of treatments, including both conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Over the years I have experienced a multitude of health concerns and symptoms including thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, liver dysfunction, multiple chemical sensitivity, low energy, anxiety, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, low tolerance to stress and poor immune function. Although at times I experienced some improvement from the various treatments I tried, it was obvious that a vital piece of the puzzle was still missing.”

“Using NES health in combination with a good diet, healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplements has resulted in gradual improvements to my health. I have experienced increasing energy and stamina, improved absorption of nutrients, more balanced blood sugar levels, calmer emotions, a greater tolerance to stress, clearer skin, a brighter complexion, improved mental clarity and a more positive outlook on life.”

“Throughout the time Tony has been involved in my health care, I have found him to be a caring, considerate, encouraging, professional and knowledgeable practitioner. He responds promptly to any questions or concerns I may have in between appointments and follows up on things we have discussed during the sessions. Tony is passionate about his work and aims to help his patients get to the cause of their health problems and gain significant improvements.”
Krista (You can read Krista’s full testimonial here)

Laraine, 70-year old Female

“In May 2011, I was introduced to Tony Gagliardi, a Naturopath and NES Practitioner, by a trusted friend, who with Tony’s infoceuticals, was restored to health. When I came to Tony, for the same help and guidance as my friend, I had been limping thru life, feeling half alive, with a little understood medical condition known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which had developed over the coarse of many years. I knew I was in a bad place mentally, and emotionally, due to brain fog, which never went away, and with so much pain that it was hard to get out of bed and face the day.

At the very first scan, every detail of what was wrong with me spiritually, Mentally Emotionally and Physically, came up for me to see and Tony gave me all the time I needed to explain to me what it it all meant, and what corrections needed to happen.

Over many months of subsequent scans and treatment with Infoceuticals I experienced the changes taking place inside of me as my symptoms slowly left my mind and body. I felt so much better that my life took on new meaning. I look forward now to every day feeling contented, confident and peaceful.

I believe Tony’s work with NES is a gift to humanity from God, for all those who seek to heal, by getting to the cause of their health problems.”

Carmelina, 48-year old Female

Diabetes, High blood Pressure, Vision.

Before I started to see Tony I had headaches every now & then, I didn’t feel very centred & generally had a feeling of being unwell & had a bad memory.

When I found out about what Tony had to offer, I was excited…I rang Tony to speak with him & he was professional, very thorough & full of great information.

When I went to my 1st appointment I was so impressed at how thorough the programme was, & at how the scanner is able to pick up all the different aspects of the mental, emotional & physical body that needed balancing. Tony was very knowledgable & has a great understanding of how the programme works. He also explained that we are working on healing the layers. The reports that Tony gives out as part of the therapy are very thorough & you get to take them home to read to help you understand exactly what is going on.

After 2 months I found my memory returning, more centered, a lot less unusual pains & better health generally.

Thanks Tony”

Trevor, 61-year old Male

  • It took 9 days to overcome the acute drug poisoning. I took your advice and toko large doses of Vitamin C, and eventually the loss of balance and foggy irritable brain function symptoms disappeared.
  • The infoceuticals have made me much much calmer and I have felt very well.
  • B/P has dropped from 200/100 to 175/95. Asymptomatic still needs to drops much further.
  • We stopped the goats milk. The Pureharvest Rice milk is delicious.
  • The Kefir is very very happy living on the coconut milk.
  • I have told many people at work about NES and your details.


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Many people who have experienced the NES Health Total Health and Wellness System have enjoyed the benefits of long lasting Improved Health and Wellbeing.

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