NES Health Therapy

NES Health Therapy starts with a comprehensive body field assessment, which involves simply resting your hand on a palm-sized scanner device. Your Body-Field is then scanned monitoring the quality of its responses and compared against a map of an optimally functioning body field. The results are then prioritized and analyzed.

The NES Scan reveals more than 150 body field parameters, identifying reduced energy levels, disturbed information pathways, nutritional challenges and sensitivities, toxic environmental exposure, emotional/mental stress, and more.

NES Provison Body-Field Scanner
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NES Research reveals that if your body field is not responding well then it is not properly working to regulate the energy and information flow your body needs to do its job of keeping you healthy and well. In order for the human body to maintain Total Health and Wellness, the three main factors important for optimal health function are:

  1. Energy – and how efficiently it flows through the body
  2. Information – how well it is created, distributed and regulated within the body
  3. Biochemistry – how the body’s Energy and Information influence the repair and maintenance of the body’s organs, systems, cells and tissues.

The human body is constantly maintaining our health and energy levels as well as it can according to its original Energetic and Informational blueprint. As we age over time this ‘optimal’ blueprint begins to function less and less efficiently. This ‘inefficient’ functioning is often further compounded by any trauma (physical injury, emotional/mental stress, nutritional deficiencies, exposure to toxic chemicals in our environment, etc…) we may experience. The NES Total Wellness system provides the missing piece to the total health puzzle by restoring the Energy and information necessary to return your body-field to its natural functioning by enhancing your body’s own natural maintenance, repair, and self-healing abilities.

An analogy would be the use of a tuning device/fork which emits a reference frequency that a stringed musical instrument, piano or guitar, can be tuned to. Over time the strings on the instrument will stretch and go out of tune due to age and temperature influences. Listening to an out of tune instrument can be an unpleasant experience and gives us a sense that something needs to be corrected. The tuning device can provide the correct frequencies as a reference for each string to be ‘tuned’ (corrected) back to their optimal state and once again contribute to a healthy (healed) sounding musical instrument. Now think of the human body as not just one stringed instrument, guitar or piano, but as an entire orchestra of different instruments with a conductor and different instrument sections! The conductor is keeping the orchestra in time via the ‘information’ on the musical score but it only takes one string, on one instrument, to be out of tune to make the entire orchestra sound out of tune and unhealthy.

NES miHealth Pulsed Elecromangnetic Device
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Continued research at the frontier of biology is showing that the body is a structured network of information and energy fields which NES research has defined as the Human Body-Field (HBF). This has been an area of expertise and clinical study at NES Health for more than 30 years.

Pioneered by Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, the NES Total Health and Wellness System has developed into a powerful combination of assessment and treatment therapies that are truly revolutionary.

Infoceuticals restore optimal health to the body’s energetic and informational systems
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Watch the miHealth device being discussed on The Doctors Show

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NES Health Therapy

Total WellNES System 4-Step Process

1. (Re)-AssessAnalyze the body-field with NES ProVison to find existing energy blockages and information distortions that compromise the body’s ability to heal.

2. RejuvenateApply the NES miHealth to rejuvenate the body’s energy to clear blockages, release trigger points, and restore its proper flow through the body.

3. Re-Imprint – Correct informational distortions in the body’s systems, organs, cells and tissues with NES Infoceuticals, a range of energetic remedies imprinted with bio-information.

4. RebuildProvide balanced NEStrition food supplements enhanced with bio-information and a unique absorption formula to re-build the body during healing.

NES Health provides you with a safe, non-invasive, comprehensive wellness program that is reliable and effective

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