Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Client Testimonial

Krista, 30-year old Female, Adelaide

During the past 12 years I have suffered from multiple health problems, including being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 6 years ago. I tried numerous types of treatments, including both conventional medicine and alternative therapies. Over the years I have experienced a multitude of health concerns and symptoms including thyroid problems, adrenal fatigue, liver dysfunction, multiple chemical sensitivity, low energy, anxiety, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, poor sleep, headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, low tolerance to stress and poor immune function. Although at times I experienced some improvement from the various treatments I tried, it was obvious that a vital piece of the puzzle was still missing.

I started seeing Tony at Extra Health in October 2012 and began receiving treatment using NES therapy. I have now had a total of 15 NES scans, with a scan being performed at each monthly appointment. The thing that attracted me to NES health is the way it focuses on the entire body and aims to restore long term wellbeing. It supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself at a physical, mental, emotional and information level. I also like the fact that NES health is non-evasive, safe and the evaluation process is quick and easy to undertake. The report from the NES scan provides a complete overview of your health and gives comprehensive details regarding your body-field at any given time. The areas that need addressing and the recommended Infoceuticals are clearly identified and specific aspects of the report can be printed out so you can read more about these areas. The recent inclusion of using the NES miHealth device on-body has also made a huge difference in helping to clear blockages and correct energy flow through the body.

In addition to NES therapy, Tony has also provided me with valuable advice and information on other ways to improve my overall health. This has included diet and lifestyle recommendations such as particular foods to include in my diet, nutritional supplements, meditation, healing frequencies, installing a shower filter and having magnesium salt baths. He has also suggested a range of relevant books to read and websites to look at in order for me to increase my knowledge on specific subjects.

Using NES health in combination with a good diet, healthy lifestyle and nutritional supplements has resulted in gradual improvements to my health. I have experienced increasing energy and stamina, improved absorption of nutrients, more balanced blood sugar levels, calmer emotions, a greater tolerance to stress, clearer skin, a brighter complexion, improved mental clarity and a more positive outlook on life. I have always had a sensitive system which means I generally only take low doses of the Infoceuticals, but NES can easily accommodate for this when determining the correct protocol for me to follow. At times I have experienced detox symptoms from the Infoceuticals, but this is a positive sign as it means my body is undertaking natural healing processes, addressing imbalances and starting to work more effectively.

Throughout the time Tony has been involved in my health care, I have found him to be a caring, considerate, encouraging, professional and knowledgeable practitioner. He responds promptly to any questions or concerns I may have in between appointments and follows up on things we have discussed during the sessions. Tony is passionate about his work and aims to help his patients get to the cause of their health problems and gain significant improvements.

It will take time to correct my chronic health issues but committing to NES therapy and a healthy lifestyle is committing to my long term wellbeing and allowing powerful and profound changes to occur in my life. I’m extremely grateful to Tony for his guidance and support over the last couple of years and feel very fortunate for the opportunity to experience everything that NES has to offer. I look forward to continuing to use NES in the future to address remaining health concerns and make further progress on my journey to good health.


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